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We are looking for a Solutions Architect that will be able to influence and enable business goals and support identified business benefits. They will work with customers and business teams to integrate their opportunities into a technology strategy and delivery plan. 


They will analyse, designs and verify solutions from concept to delivery to operations. They will constantly ensure the evolution and improvement of business capabilities in support of agreed technology strategies and tactics. 


They will identify new ideas and reuse existing capabilities to solve new design problems and solutions. They will lead the solutions team toward building and operationalising solutions. 


Lastly, they will design solutions to have architecture governance and also identify risks (including but not limited to security risk, operational risk, technical risk and financial risk).

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Solution Design: Reviews with technical teams and architecture which might have feedback to the requirement owner to offer alternatives that reduce complexity, effort, cost and shortcomings. 
  • Service Performance: Explicit definition of any service performance objectives are required for inclusion and monitoring by the operational teams. All solutions need to be monitored; no solution should be allowed into operation if it cannot be monitored. Creating either telemetry hooks or monitoring data is vital.
  • Technical Impact: Consideration for the entire solution and how this design and the associated requirements will impact them. This must consider existing capability modules in the TradeSwitch Architecture as well as shortcomings, capacity and performance.
  • Complexity & Effort Estimation: It is preferred to deliver several designs of low complexity and effort as opposed to a large design that is complex and requires a lot of development effort. This is a key decision criterion for moving forward as this is a direct estimation of cost to build.
  • Plan: Provide input into the Release Plan


Desired Experience & Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree in IT-field
  • Experience in Solution Designing
  • Experience in the Telecommunications Industry

Package & Remuneration



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