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B-Sure Talent Solutions


As a business that prides itself on a strong company culture and giving back we find ourselves looking for a creative, energetic, confident marketing coordinator.

We’re looking for someone with a creative mindset, someone who is extremely organized and has great interpersonal skills and a mind for business.

Minimum of 1 year experience required in a similar role, own vehicle, relevant certificates or qualifications

Duties & Responsibilities

Liaise with vendors, clients and internal stakeholders during the event planning process to ensure everything is in order and runs smoothly.

· Maintaining a working relationship with vendors, suppliers and venues.

· Understanding the needs and requirements of different events and initiatives.

· Planning all aspects of an event: sourcing, organising, booking, communicating with external personnel, creating a ‘stock in-and-out sheet’ for every event, formulate how much alcohol needs to be brought/sent, etc.

· Attentive to the value of staying within budget while planning event specifications.

· Completing OR’s, issuing invoices, and collecting paraphernalia should be done in a timely manner.

· All Deduction Sheets need to be updated continuously and sent to finance on a monthly basis. These include but are not limited to: Merch Deductions, Event Deductions, Charity Deductions and Alcohol Deductions.

· Sourcing of monthly event ideas, quotes on branded items, sourcing of paraphernalia and prizes, costing, and any other managerial requests should be done in an excel format and sent through for approval.

· Paraphernalia creation: costing, making and sourcing needs to be planned and carried out timeously.

· Sourcing of alcohol for all events – make sure that the Monthly Alcohol Stock Sheet is up to date so that alcohol can be sourced and bought where needed.

· Bar needs to be stocked continuously, especially when there are events taking place.

· Co-ordinating event entertainment, including music, participators and guest speakers.

· Brand awareness: make sure consumers/potential clients are always familiar with the products and or services B-Sure offers, promote B-Sure in a positive light and hand out B-Sure branded paraphernalia.

· BSP Show Days: All sourcing of pamphlets, gazebo’s, flyers, A-frames, and other paraphernalia and branded items need to be sourced within the required time frame.

· Ensuring that Billboards for BSP are sourced, approved and that the artwork is installed in the correct place.

· Any internal events within B-Sure (Director’s breakfast, Minute-to-win-it, Graduation, Team Building Events, Cricket Week, etc) – Need to be planned for,

prizes need to be approved, drinks may need to be served, all set up and pack will need to be ensured and stock out sheets completed.

· Hype emails need to be sent out for any internal events that are taking place within B-Sure.

· Ensure compliance with insurance, legal, health and safety obligations.

· Do final checks on the day of the event to ensure everything meets standards.

· Anticipating and planning for possible different scenarios.

· Proactively handle any arising issues and troubleshoot any emerging problems on the event day.

· Liaise with Graphics (request artwork to update intranet and banners for email signatures, etc) where necessary.

· Liaise with Social Media (to take photos during events, promote/publicize the event, etc) where necessary.

· Make sure that Birthday Cards and Congratulation Cards go out on time.

· BSG Magazine: All information/content needs to be sourced/developed and then saved on the server in a timeous manner for Graphics to access and produce.

· Multiple copies of the magazine are to be printed out and issued where applicable.

· Develop content for Bathroom Posters, make sure all bathroom posters are put up and taken down accordingly.

· When doing events, all paraphernalia need to be accounted for.

· Communication within the Marketing Team on how to creatively and effectively advertise for each event.

· The ability to present event ideas and plans to Management.

· Making sure the Storeroom is always clean, tidy and that all paraphernalia are accounted for.

· The Stock Sheet should always be updated.

· Stock distribution to staff needs to be done timeously and all employees are to sign that they received the item(s).

· Monthly pep talks are to be given to the New Starters every month.

· All Intranet Users should have a profile picture, all profile pictures are to be updated (if necessary).

· WhatsApp Messages: Update phone with contacts, remove people who have left the staff base, liaise with Graphics to create the image, get approval of the image and send the message out to the staff base.

· Perform all other assigned duties

Desired Experience & Qualification

· Flexibility and Adaptability: Adapts to change, handles pressures and adjusts plans to meet changing needs.

· Creativity: generates new ideas, challenges the status quo, takes risks, encourages innovation, supports change and solves problems creatively.

· Organisational Skills: Capacity to plan, organise and control own working environment and the ability to multitask.

· Budgeting: Plans for and uses resources efficiently, always looks for ways to reduce costs, creates accurate and realistic budgets and tracks and adjusts budget.

· Results Focused: Sets challenging goals, prioritises tasks, overcomes obstacles and accepts accountability.

Package & Remuneration

Negotiable based on experience

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