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The Role


A leading workforce solutions company, driven to grow people, businesses and economies through connections that allow them to realize their potential has an exciting opportunity for a Legal Advisor in Woodmead.

Job Description:

To provide an efficient, effective, holistic professional legal service to support the Adcorp Group Legal Portfolio, business partners and stakeholders, and to ensure that Adcorp???s legal interests are safeguarded and legal risk mitigated with regard to both internal and external parties. Responsibilities will include drafting and review of commercial contracts and negotiations associated therewith; litigation case management; providing sound legal advice in relation to, inter alia, the labour industry, assist with any due diligence process on the part of Adcorp, which could also include structuring and legal requirements during anticipated mergers and acquisitions and act as advisor to all contract managers / business partners / stakeholders within the various Adcorp business units and Group portfolios.

Qualification and Experience:

  • LLB degree or Equivalent law degree;
  • Admitted attorney or advocate (who has passed the Bar exam) with 3 years??? experience
  • All relevant legislation, inter alia
    o Labour Legislation
    o Companies Act
    o Competition Act
    o POPI Act
    o International Law (as required)
    o ECT Act
    o ICT Laws
  • Regulatory Universe (Industry) and Relevant Legislation
  • Experience in Labour Compliance and administration will be advantageous
  • Proven ability to communicate and maintain relationships with people on all levels within a company

Roles and Responsibilities:


The key responsibilities of this role includes:

  • Legal risk management;
  • Providing sound legal advice in relation to, inter alia, the labour industry, assist with any due diligence process on the part of Adcorp, which could also include structuring and legal requirements during anticipated mergers and acquisitions;
  • Keeping abreast of legislation and international law as appropriate
  • Advisory role to all contract managers / business partners / stakeholders within the various Adcorp business units and Group portfolios;
  • Building sound professional relations with external legal service providers in their 
    demonstrated areas of specialisation
  • Support both the internal and external Client to ensure service offerings and solutions are 
    agreed to with appropriate, competitive terms and conditions; 
  • Collaborate with and facilitate cross-team decision-making amongst the Adcorp business units and Group portfolios
  • Act as legal liaison between Adcorp Group business, suppliers and clients
  • Provide legal advice and support to the operational teams
  • Consult with corporate attorneys as necessary to address difficult legal compliance issues
  • Administration of Company Documents / Drafts
  • Assess operational risks and develop risk management strategies
  • Identify compliance issues that require follow-up or investigation
  • Disseminate written policies and procedures related to legal activities
  • File appropriate reports with regulatory agencies
  • Maintain documentation of legal activities, such as complaints received or investigation outcomes
  • Discuss emerging legal issues with management or employees
  • Advise internal management or business partners on the implementation or operation of legal programs
  • Assist internal or external auditors in legal reviews
  • Provide employee training on legal related topics, policies, or procedures
  • Prepare management reports regarding operations and progress
  • Monitor legal compliance systems to ensure their effectiveness
  • Report violations of compliance or regulatory standards to duly authorized enforcement agencies as appropriate or required
  • Oversee internal reporting systems such as corporate compliance hotlines and inform employees about these systems
  • Keep informed regarding pending industry changes, trends, and best practices and assess the potential impact of these changes on organizational processes
  • Verify that all firm and regulatory policies and procedures have been documented, implemented and communicated
  • Direct the development or implementation of compliance-related policies and procedures throughout an organization
  • Review or modify policies or operating guidelines to comply with changes to corporate standards or regulations
  • Coordinated and secured approval from various internal stakeholders to ensure support on time-sensitive proposals enabling the sales teams to release quotes and terms to clients
  • Empowered sales teams with knowledge and tools to assess customer???s business needs and meet requirements through detailed contract reviews
  • Responsibility for Business Governance Documents and Documents repository
  • SharePoint Tracking and management
  • Help to research, monitor, analyze and inform the Group of legal and industry developments and trends, articulating how they will affect the Group’s practice and its clients
  • Draft and coordinate current awareness updates, client alerts and other publications
  • Coordinate global surveys and update the legal content in the Group???s global publications as applicable 

Job Description (2):

  • Provide legal research and legal technical content needed to produce various products showcasing the organisations expertise
  • Assist with the Group???s efforts to find innovative ways of using its knowhow to add value to key
  • Client relationships by providing timely material to facilitate frequent interactions with clients 
  • Maintain an in-depth understanding of and implement the Adcorp Group Legal Contract
  • Review Policy, from a process and principles perspective. This includes Adcorp Group???s policy in terms of driving transformation strategies for external legal service providers;
  • Manage and facilitate all commercial legal processes; 
  • Review, alternatively draft (from agreed templates and forms and/or from inception), 
    negotiate, facilitate and close commercial contracts, including master services agreements, service level agreements, statements of work and supporting documents across the various Group portfolios;
  • Draft, manage, distribute, respond to, provide input to or analyse customer terms conditions as required;
  • Maintain and update contract templates, acceptable levels of legal risk and liability, and Adcorp position / risk appetite on various matters;
  • Prepare contracts for internal review and approval and ensure compliance with Company policies, as well as applicable laws or relevant regulations; 
  • Administer the Company Document Repository for each business brand including attending to a Document Report as a record of Hard Copy Original/Certified Company Documents on file
  • Attend to arrangements in connection with certified copies of the Company documents
  • Administer requests from staff members for copies of Governance documents including arranging for documents required to be couriered/delivered nationally;
  • Attend to uploading all Company Governance documents on SharePoint including updating/advising/tracking on when the documents are up for review (this includes SLA???s/Agreements) with Clients;
  • Compile accurate, timely and effective feedback
  • Communicate notions to the Business Support, Risk Compliance Officer for improving company processes and ensure a positive and constructive attitude for developing other
  • Keep the Business informed about status and issues that may impact client relations





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