Electrical Clerk of Works – Government Job Vacancies in Venetia Mine

EHL Africa

Duties & Responsibilities

1.1 Coordination

The day-to-day direction and supervision of contractor activities to ensure that construction work proceeds in strict accordance with the relevant specifications, drawings, site instructions and project schedule:

  • Liaise with other discipline supervisors on site.
  • Attend and participate in regualr progress meetings with the contrators.
  • Attend and participate in regular safety and risk assessment meetings with the contrators.
  • Attend and participate in regular site progress meetings with the construction manager.
  • Liaise between contractors and client representatives to ensure compliance with on site client regulations i.e. security, safety, trainining and induction courses.
  • Monitor site progress and report to the site manager in accordance with the project schedule.
  • Monitor construction activity and recorddaily resources to the extenet that accurate assessemtns of day work activities and extra work can be made.
  • Timeous arrangements in respect of Certificates of Compliance in accordance with SANS 10142, part 1 and 2, for all electrical plant, prior to commissioning.
  • Routine and regular discussion with contractor’s management to ensure that all procedures, specifications and regulations are fully understoon and being complied with.
  • Relevant aspects of such discussions are to be documented and issued to all concerned parties.


1.2 Control

  • Be the custodian of relevant construction documentation and construction drawings.
  • Implement and administrate the installation contract in accordance with the specifications, contract documents and drawings.
  • Prepare site variation requests after consultation with the Project / Eletrical Engineer and Construction Manager.
  • Asssit the contractor to produce the Mark up as built status drawings and submit these to the Project / Electrical Engineer to rework the drawings to as buildt status.
  • Assist the contractor to prepare full commissioning reports for each section of the work that will be signed off by the conntractor and site supervisor.
  • Commissioning sheets for each individual item of work that was completed showing all relevant set points and or test values that will be recorded accurately on the commissioning sheets and will be signed off by the contractor and witnessed by the site supervisor.
  • The site supervisor shall prior to commissioning ensure that the contractor has drawn up standard commissioning sheets which shall be checked and approved by the Project / Electrical and Instrumentation engineers.
  • Assist the contractor and ensure that handover certificates are issued to the client after all punch list items are complete, through the agreed procedures and shall be signe off by the Project / Electrical and Instrumentation engineers.
  • Assitst with the preparation of completion certificates and close out reports.


1.3 Quality Assurance

  • Ensure that all commissioning reports have been completed and signed off by the contractor.
  • Ensure by witnessing the tests during commissioning and counter signing by the commissioning reports of all the completed equipment forming part of  construction module.
  • Prepare and issue Punch Lists to ensure quality in accordance with procedures.
  • Ensure that Hand over Certificates of a particular portion of work is signed off by the contractor’s supervisor, the site supervisor, instrumentation engineer if required and the Project / Electrical Engineer with beneficial hand over to the client signed by the client representative / engineer.


1.4 Commissioning

  • Assist with commissioning with the proviso that it always remains the appointed contractors responsibility.
  • Ensure and witness testing, recordings and commissioning of each portion of equipent being installed and commissioned.
  • Ensure compliance of testing methods and recorded information by contractor on the approved test / commissioning sheets.



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